Welcome to Sukhmanivass

We are lighting a candle and hope millions of people will come together to in lightening the word with happiness

  • The mission of SUKHMANI VAAS is to build a house where all children are equal and have the same right, to go ahead and stand with dignity.
  • Sukhmani Vaas is a house where all children live together like their own family. Have one ROOF, GOOD, FOOD, clothes Medical and good education. By giving good education can stand on their feet and help the society to go ahead by their contribution and become a good citizen of the country.
  • Elderly people after having lived a good and productive life over the years need personalized care and a life of dignity in their later years. When they get affected by age-related diseases, as often happens at advanced age, they need constant medical care. Keeping this in mind and Silver Lining Old Age Home are proud to present facilities for holistic care of medically-challenged seniors. Excellent professional services delivered relentlessly and with utmost care for seniors is the most prominent feature of the staff at the center.

We’re on a mission to provide every possible medical care for senior citizens. Join the team. We’re hiring.